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Dive Boat Etiquette

Eric Larson   Dec 02, 2022

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Here are some things we want all divers to know before they get to the boat! These things will be applicable to most other dive boats as well.  If you have any questions, you can always ask the crew!

Arrive on time: If your dive time is 8am show up to the boat between 7:30 - 7:45. This gives you time to get your gear on the boat and set up your first tank.  Before the boat leaves the dock there is also paperwork that needs to be completed.  If you are running late call the shop / boat and let them know!

Load on the boat only when told to by the Divemaster or Captain: We need to make sure that the boat is ready and that we have you in the correct place.  We seat people based on skill level and activities.

Pay attention to the dive briefings: We have some required things to tell you before every charter (safety equipment, emergency procedures, etc.) We're also going to update you on things you need to know specific to the dives we're doing that day. Listen to the briefing! you may have heard it many times, but it could be a first for others.  Chatting during the brief can be a distraction to others and prevent them from hearing information that can save their life or yours.

Keep your gear organized: Our boat is big for only 6 people, that said keep your gear to your immediate area.  Keeping your gear organized prevents others from tripping on it and accessible / ready to use for your next dive.  Bags can be kept on the hatch in front of you or under your seat.  Pole spears and spearguns will be kept under the benches or in racks at the stern of the boat.  If you have things that must stay dry there is room in the bow section.  Between dives is when dive gear can disappear, keep your gear in one spot.

Assemble your gear before we reach the site: Part of showing up 15-30 min before the charter is so you can put your first tank together.  After your first dive get some water, relax for a minute but then get your gear swapped over to your next tank.  Divemasters are happy to help you swap your gear over if needed.

Be ready to go when you get to the dive platform: Do your checks and buddy checks while you’re sitting down; when you get up move to the dive platform and be ready to get in the water.

Get back on the boat in accordance with your dive brief: In the dive brief the Divemaster will talk to you about how to get back on the boat.  Typically, you will hold on to a dive platform rope (there are 4) remove your fins and hand them up to a crewmember then move to the ladder to get back on the boat.

Tip the crew: All boats are different but is most cases the Divemasters work for tips.  They work hard not for the money but for the love of the sport.  There is a long list of things they are responsible for to support the Captain and your dive.  Please tip based on the service you received; customary is %20.  If you feel something could have been better with your charter, please talk to the Captain before you leave.

Remember to HAVE FUN!!