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  • Thomas Heyward Liberty Ship

Thomas Heyward Liberty Ship

The Thomas Heyward Liberty ship rests in approximately 90ft of water and is one of the most popular dive and fishing sites.  With just her hull and a few bulkheads remaining you can swim inside the entire ship.  One of our best spearfishing sites!  Expect to see Almaco Jacks, Amber Jacks, Mangrove Snapper, Lionfish and a few sharks!!  Summer 2020 were fortunate enough to see 2 Whale Sharks and a Manta Ray!!

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The 360 foot Liberty Ship Thomas Heyward was built by the Alabama Drydock Company in Mobile, Alabama, in 1942. She was built as an emergency cargo ship for the U.S. Maritime Commission. Her keel was laid on February 21, 1942, she was launched on May 31, and was delivered to the Watermen Steamship Company on July 31, 1942. On May 5, 1946, the Thomas Heyward hit a floating mine off Europe. Although damaged, the Hayward made it safely back to port for repairs. In 1949, she was laid up in the Mobile Reserve Fleet. She was purchased by the Florida Department of Natural Resources and sunk off Destin as an artificial reef on April 14, 1977. The Thomas Heyward now rests in 90 feet of water and has become one of the most popular wreck dives in the area.

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