Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

  • NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver

NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver

Just imagine where you will go! Begin your underwater explorations by enrolling in a NAUI Scuba Diver class. This is our entry-level certification course where you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safety dive in open water.

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It’s a world of striking beauty, with strange and colorful creatures in a weightless seascape.  An unfamiliar place where every visit is an adventure and discovery !

Divers are members of a special community, where they can meet new people and share the knowledge they gain.  Scuba will reveal new sites and new experiences, an up-close and personal encounter with marine life.

Scuba doesn't end with entry-level certification. As you gain confidence, you will be able to take more advanced course work that enables you to explore new environments.

Take advantage of all the educational programs offered by NAUI. You’ll discover something new about the underwater world and yourself every time you venture in!

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