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3D Buoy with portable Flashlight

3D Buoy with portable Flashlight


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Part Number:3D Buoy Manufacturer: Brownie

This lightweight buoy, when inflated, measures 36-inches high and 18-inches wide. The bright yellow triangular inflatable displays three 12” x 12” official red and white dive flags, and reads “WARNING DIVER BELOW” beneath each flag in 3-inch bold letters. A hollow tube in the center of the buoy was created to insert a lighting device to illuminate the buoy from the inside out. 

Rising 36 inches high out of the water and measuring 18 inches in width, this 3-D dive buoy can be seen from all angles at a nominal distance of 1000feet and is distinguishable as a dive buoy because of its contrasting color design. A water bladder at the base of the buoy acts as a counter balance to keep the buoy upright in all weather and water conditions, including heavy winds and rough seas. There are also two stainless steel D-rings located on the bottom of the water ballast to connect the diver’s grab bag and tow line.

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