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Part Number:ma28yl Manufacturer: Sherwood Color:

The Macco’s unique construction delivers all of the qualities you’d expect in a professional dive mask, with a lighter more comfortable fit. Other frameless masks anchor the strap buckle on the flexible mask skirt. The Mako strap system attaches directly to the stable subframe and utilizes Sherwood’s Quick Disconnect buckle to evenly distribute contact pressure against the face. The result is unprecedented comfort throughout your dive. Ideal for all diving environments, from tropical to polar. 

* Sherwood’s unique sub-frame design for greater stability and better fit. 

* Sherwood’s easy-access nose pocket for single-handed equalizing. 

* A single tempered-glass lens. 

* Highest quality silicone in the skirt and strap. 

* Our unique quick disconnect buckle places the pivoting point of the strap forward on the mask for maximum comfort and easier adjustment.

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