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Destin Sites

Miss Louise Miss Louise was a push tug sunk as an artificial reef in 1997. Storms have flattened some of the upper works, but there is still plenty of structure left for divers to explore. Resting upright on a sandy bottom, the wreck is in around 60 feet of water, perfect for novice and intermediate divers. Find Out More

Thomas Heyward Liberty Ship The Thomas Heyward Liberty ship rests in approximately 90ft of water and is one of the most popular dive and fishing sites.  With just her hull and a few bulkheads remaining you can swim inside the entire ship.  One of our best spearfishing sites!  Expect to see Almaco Jacks, Amber Jacks, Mangrove Snappe... Find Out More

M/V Janet Tug Janet sits in 100 feet of water with the top of the structure at about 75 feet.  12 miles out of the Destin pass facing facing south.  Home to many fish species you will often see Amber Jack, Red Snapper, Almaco Jacks, many small reef fish and a goliath grouper. Find Out More

Eglin LCM The Eglin LCM, also known as LCM-8 and the Eglin Landing Craft,  is a 74' Landing Craft sunk on November 29, 2000 about 10 1/2 miles southeast of the Destin East Pass. It is approximately 600 feet north of the Tug Janet and is sitting upright at around 90' deep with mainly a sandy bottom surrounding it. Th... Find Out More

The Phoenix Barge The Phoenix Barge, also know as the "Lost Barge", is a approximately 80' x 40' steel barge laying in 75' of water about 7 miles south east of the Destin East Pass. Sunk on January 1, 1998, it lays in a north to south direction and shows good relief of 5-10' on your bottom machine. Routinely ho... Find Out More

Anniversary Reef A natural rock complex about 12 miles east of Destin in 80+ feet of water. It is about  4 1/2 miles offshore of San Destin. Find Out More

Eglin Barge The Eglin Barge is a 100' steel barge sunk in December of 1977 in 68' of water only 2 miles from the Destin East pass. Popular site for divers and fisherman. Good for flounder in November-January time frame.   Find Out More

Hopper Barge The Frangista Barge, also known as the "Hopper Barge" and the "Walton Barge",  is a 195’ long hopper barge located about 9 miles east of the Destin East Pass. It was sunk on June 30, 1999 along with 100 tons of steel ballast. It is sitting upright on a sandy bottom in 80 ft of water,... Find Out More

Angelina 65 foot Tug Boat in 135 ft of water approximately 30 ft of relief. Find Out More

Belize Queen 85 ft Tug Boat sitting at 115 ft, approximately 30ft of relief. Find Out More

Chepanoc Sitting in the center of the Starfish Reef Complex is the Chepanoc tugboat, 129' long, sunk December 1, 2005 in 107' of water.  Approximately 30 ft of relief. Find Out More

Deborah 135' tug boat  aka Okaloosa Spey Reef, sitting at approximately 130 fsw.   Find Out More

Mohawk Chief 93' tug boat; aka Sand Dollar complex # 7, sunk June 23, 2003 in 124 fsw Find Out More